• Short stay apartments

    Welcome to Juno! We have short stay apartments for rent in The Hague

    Realtor: Rotsvast Den Haag

    Location: Den Haag / Binckhorst


    Prices start at €900- per month

  • About Juno short stay

    Short stay apartments

    At Juno you can rent an apartment from a minimum of three months and up.


    The apartments are fully furnished so that you can move right in.

    Included in the price

    No one can live without internet. At Juno you don't have to worry about extra costs to Skype with family. All prices include utilities and super fast internet (500 Mb/s).


    1-2-3 room apartments

    We have what you are looking for! From small 35 m2 one room apartments till 2 or even 3 room apartments.

    Contact us to see what is available.

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  • Location

    Close to the city centre of The Hague and easily accessible. Popular area just 3 km from the centre of The Hague and close to Station Den Haag Centrum (2,7 km) and Den Haag Holland Spoor (2 km).

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    All electricity in the apartments is provided by wind energy

  • Contact our real estate agent

    Contact our realtor: Rotsvast Den Haag

    Den Haag, Rotsvast
    Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00
    Saturday*           11:00 - 14:00
    *by appointment only
    +31 (0)70 346 4840
  • New location Almere Poort

    Opening in 2019

    Juno short stay Almere Poort

    32 short stay apartments